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Warm Response in Coldest Major City on Planet Earth
By: Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

Aleksey Yefremov delivered the seminar in Yakutzk  Photo By: Vyacheslav Danilov


Regarded as the coldest major city in the world, the capital of the Sakha Republic of Russia, located some 280 miles south of the Arctic Circle, Yakutsk was once again the home for the Children of Asia International Sports Games, as it has been ever since the multi-sport event was first staged in 1996.

The sixth edition, proceedings commenced on Tuesday 5th July and concluded on Sunday 17th July.

Table tennis was one of the 22 sports on the agenda, with a coaching seminar, under the direction of Aleksey Yefremov of Belarus, being staged on Sunday 10th July, the date on which play finished early and thus enabled 20 coaches to attend.

Local coaches, Mikhail Kylabysov and Bogdan Kapitonov assisted with technical and tactical exercises; the overall agenda including both theory and practical sessions.

Efforts Appreciated
“I really very appreciated the efforts made by the coaches who had a busy schedule being continually required to be on the bench to guide their players; all wished to improve their knowledge and learn”, said Aleksey Yefremov. “This is very important for a coach to be always open for new things in our sport, new methods of working plus being aware of modern day techniques and tactical combinations.”

Three main topics of the seminar were: planning in different stages of preparation, tactical schemes and development of general strategic style according of advantages and disadvantages of young players; coaching before, during and after matches

“There were many questions from coaches”, added Aleksey Yefremov. “All responded with a lot of enthusiasm.

Proceedings were most efficiently organised by Mrs. Varvara Sotrudnikova, the Secretary of Regional Federation of Table Tennis of Republic of Sakha and Mr. Vyacheslav Danilov, President of Table Tennis Federation of Yakutsk.

Coaches at the seminar in Yakutsk
Photo by Vyacheslav Danilov



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