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Invitation to Umpire at the 2016 ITTF World Tour Austrian Open
By: Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

An opportunity awaits  Photo By: Helmut Plopberger


The Austrian Table Tennis Association invites 30 International Umpires to officiate at the forthcoming 2016 ITTF World Tour Austrian Open.

Staged in Linz, a Major Series tournament, play commences on Wednesday 9th November and concludes on Sunday 13th November.

Open Invitation
It is an open invitation. Therefore not all nominations may be accepted.

Furthermore only nominations submitted by bona fide national associations will be considered.

A maximum of two nominations per National Association is requested. Preference will be given to Blue Badge and Blue Badge in Progress Umpires


Full hospitality will be provided in a twin room from dinner on Tuesday 8th November to breakfast on Monday 14th November.

Each umpire will receive a daily allowance of US$ 25.00, or local equivalent, per competition day, according to ITTF regulation.

All invited umpires must organize their own transport to the region as well as travel and medical insurance.

In addition, all invited umpires are responsible for early arrival and late departure.

Local transport will be provided from and to Linz Airport (IATA Code: LNZ) and Linz Railway Station.

Visa Application
Should a nominated umpire require a visa, kindly send relevant details when submitting the nomination (full name as in passport, date of birth, place of birth, passport number, expiry date of passport). A letter of invitation will be provided.

Please note that all costs associated with the visa application are the responsibility of the applicant and the issuance of a visa is at the sole discretion of the relevant Consulate or Embassy.

Umpiresí Uniforms
Umpires must wear the International umpiring uniforms as described in the Handbook for Match Officials.

Advanced Rules Examination
An Advanced Rules Examination is offered at 3.00pm Tuesday 8th November.

Evaluations will be conducted.

The closing date for nominations is Saturday 10th September. The list of umpires accepted will be advised on or before Tuesday 20th September.

Replies and Further Information
For replies and questions, please address:
Werner Thury, Austrian Table Tennis Association

Download Official Forms
2016 ITTF World Tour Austrian Open: Official Letter of Invitation
2016 ITTF World Tour Austrian Open: Official Nomination Form



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